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Zondag 22 mei: back to where it all began.


We got up at 5 to get the boat to Vancouver Island. Our cousin Joe lives in Victoria. What a magical journey. First a drive through an empty Vancouver. Gosh: this is a town where we could live. It has such a nice vibe.

Example: we stop in the street to look at our map. Cousin Joe says: someone came up to help. Indeed, that is what happened. They pointed us to the right direction and gave some personal tips. Of course: that is Vancouver!


Then the boat to the island. Imagine: early clear blue sky, the sun already on your face, the ship manoeuvres through small islands. You see a cloud hanging between 2 islands in the distance….


Even our last supper was an adventure. Vietnamese. 2 Different soups boil in your table and  you cook your beef, vegetables and noodles in it. Very tasty./ Have to see if Amsterdam offers this.


Dear, dear everyone, we are back on the 28th floor of our hotel. This was our last blog. We thoroughly enjoyed writing it, thanks so much for the nice response.


To summarize: it was a trip!

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