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Zaterdag 14 mei: How does Henry deal with his pension


De volgende blogs gaan in het Engels want ik weet zeker dat de Canadese familie dit lezen gaat.

The coming blogs will be in English, because I am sure the Canadian family is going to read this.


Today was a big day: we visited our cousin Henry and his wife Joanna at their home in Warman. It is a very pleasant suburban village near Saskatoon. It is Henry’s birthday today , he has turned 73. We see a very fit couple. lots of sports, the choice for Warman was partially dictated to the great golf around here.


We haven’t seen each other for more than 25 years and it was very pleasant. A wonderful meal; venison made in the way of beef Wellington: superb! The venison was hunted by Joanne’s brother.


For us it is fascinating to see how people spend their time after retirement.

Henry keeps his hand in his profession but spends enough time on his hobby: model trains.

Until Covid messed up the market, Henry did project development. He would design houses and would offer them for sale together with the builder. The epidemic however was a reason / an excuse to increase the cost of supplies with unexplainable percentages as well as the time of delivery. This meant that it became impossible to manage budgets and delivery time. The risks became too high and Henry threw in the towel.


Is Henry getting back in business? He has again developed a fantastic home. All ready to be executed: the Cad/Cam files are available.

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